Project Manager Olga GARASCHUK  
Project Manager Ukrainian teams, contacts with Universities and Media Volodymyr LUSHCHAK
Administration of student applications for the courses and scholarships Halyna SHMIHEL
Website, testing in exams Volodymyr SHVADCHAK
Responsible for the courses
Bioinformatics Yuriy REBETS  
Molecular and cellular neurophysiology Oleksii BOLDYRIEV
The life cycle of the research project Oleh LUSHCHAK
Medical genetics Nataliya MATIYTSIV
Tools for improving teaching and outreach in life sciences Halyna MYKHAILYSHYN
Introduction To Microscopy Volodymyr SHVADCHAK
Instrumental Methods Volodymyr SHVADCHAK
Mathematical statistics for biologists Dmytro STROY
Life Sciences
Biochemistry Halyna SEMCHYSHYN
Molecular Biology Volodymyr LUSHCHAK
Biophysics Volodymyr SHVADCHAK
Physiology Volodymyr MANKO
Microbes, viruses & infections
Microbiology Mariia BAILIAK
Virology Mariia BAILIAK
Immunology Maryna SKOK

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