Current courses

Course start: 08.03.2023

The aim of the course is to teach students the functions of the nervous system at all levels from the molecular to the systemic. The course explains in detail the molecular properties and function of excitable cells, human brain development, epigenetic regulation, and synaptic plasticity, and introduces students to designing and conducting of electrophysiological experiments. 

The curriculum is designed for 3rd and 4th year bachelor's students, master's and postgraduate students of biological specialties. The expected number of participants is 40.

Scholarship: 18 scholarships of 200 euros.

Registration: till 28.02.2023 (closed)

The duration of the course: 6 weeks (from 08.03.2023 to 29.04.2023)

30 hours (1 ECTS credit)

Course start: 06.03.2023

Bioinformatics is a branch of science that uses information technologies and statistical methods to analyze large arrays of biological data, such as genome sequencing or protein content analysis. It is becoming more and more necessary and used in the world, but it is not yet taught at a sufficient level in all universities in Ukraine.

The course is designed for master’s, postgraduate, and 4th year undergraduate students of biological specialties (regardless institution of higher education).

The expected number of participants is 40. If there are more applications, we will offer free participation in the lectures (without awarding a certificate).

Scholarship: 18 scholarships of 200 euros.

Registration: until 26.02.2023 (closed)

The duration of the course: 6 weeks (from 06.03.2023 to 27.04.2023)

30 hours (1 ECTS credit)