Current courses

Course start: 11.09.2023

This integrated course is designed to:

to create in students a holistic picture and understanding of the interrelationships between various biological sciences: biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, physiology;

to deepen and master new skills, which in the future will help students realize themselves as qualified specialist, enter a master's degree or continue a scientific career in laboratories abroad.

The duration of the course is 3 months (from 11.09.2023), 120 hours (4 ECTS credits). Classes (lectures and seminars) will be held online, preferably at a time that will not overlap with the main studies of students at universities.

Scholarship: 36 scholarships of 600 euros. For students from families affected by the war. Funding conditions require successful completion of the course. 

Registration: until 05.09.2023 (registration form)

After the end of registration, everyone who sent an application will receive a letter to their e-mail with a notification about registration/rejection.