Oleh Lushchak

Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Precarpathian University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) and visiting professor at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Traumatology (Vienna, Austria).

In 2009, he received Ph.D. degree in "Biochemistry" at the Department of Biochemistry of the Precarpathian University, where he studied the role of antioxidant enzymes in the protection of yeast from nitrosative stress. After graduation, he worked as a postdoc at the Buck Institute for Aging Research (Novato, USA), the Universities of Stockholm (Sweden) and Heidelberg (Germany). From 2016 teaches at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the Precarpathian University

Scientific interests: genetic and molecular mechanisms of aging, life- and healthspan extension by substances of natural origin, the influence of nutrition on aging processes.



Selected publications

Publications: 126 articles H-index 31

Courses: Introduction to experimental biology, Professional English, Fundamentals of scientific research


Course: 15 lectures, 6 seminars

Lectures: Halyna Semchyshyn, Galyna Ushakova, Oleh Lushchak

Seminars: Galyna Ushakova, Oleksandra Abrat