Oleksiy Boldyriev

PhD in biophysics (2016). Molecular biologist, neurophysiologist, researcher of ion channels, membrane receptors and transporters, and RNA-editing enzymes physiological role in different cell types. Visiting researcher in the United States (University of Virginia in 2007, Universidad Central del Caribe in 2009), Singapore (2012-2013), UAE (2018-2019). Lecturer assistant of general physiology (Bohomolets National Medical University, 2013-2015), lecturer of evolutionary biology (Graduation department of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, 2018-2021), history of physiology and scientific literature seminar (KAU, 2019-2021), molecular physiology (KAU, since 2021). TEDxKyiv speaker, authored numerous popular science talks and articles.

Research interests: cellular and molecular physiology, RNA biology, membranology, evolution of cellular molecular mechanisms, arthropod physiology, history of biology, science communication, philosophy of science.

Selected publications

Publications: 14 articles, H-index 4 (Scopus).



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  • Sharop B., Boldyriev O, Shtefan N., Batiuk M., Shuba Y. Compensatory reduction of Cav3.1 expression in thalamocortical neurons of juvenile WAG/Rij rats. Epilepsy Research. V. 119, Jan, P. 10–12 (2016)
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