Registration for the course «Microscopy and instrumental methods in biology»

We are pleased to announce registration for the course «Microscopy and instrumental methods in Biology», which will begin on May 1, 2023.

This course overviews modern measurements and imaging techniques used in biophysics, molecular and cell biology. Its main goal is to teach students about the capabilities and limitations of each of the most popular techniques, and explain how to select the simplest and the most effective approach to answer a particular experimental question. Practical works will include a complete workflow of processing real experimental datasets from fluorescence and CD experiments, planning chromatography experiments, advanced work with fluorescence microscopy images using ImageJ and Pyton.

Detailed information and the program are available on the course page.

The course consists of 19 lectures and 11 seminars. The total duration is 60 hours - 2 ECTS credits. The course will be conducted in Ukrainian, remotely.

Registration is open and will be possible until April 23. (Registration form).

The number of students is limited to 60.  We would be able to provide 27 scholarships of 400 Euros for students who were strongly affected by the war and need financial support.