Andriy Luzhetskyy

Department Pharmacy - Biotechnology, Universität des Saarlandes (UdS), Saarbrücken, Germany
Research interests:
Genome and Metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, genomics and transcriptomics, natural products biosynthesis and discovery

Editorial board member:
Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, Microbial cell factories, Antibiotics

Selected publications

1. Ahmed Y., Rebets Y., Estévez M.R., Zapp J., Myronovskyi M., Luzhetskyy A. (2020) Engineering of Streptomyces lividans for heterologous expression of secondary metabolite gene clusters. Microb Cell Fact. 19 (1): 5.
2. Rodríguez Estévez M, Gummerlich N, Myronovskyi M, Zapp J, Luzhetskyy A. (2020) Benzanthric Acid, a Novel Metabolite From Streptomyces albus Del14 Expressing the Nybomycin Gene Cluster. Front Chem. 7: 896.
3. Myronovskyi M., Rosenkränzer B., Stierhof M., Petzke L., Seiser T., Luzhetskyy A. (2020) Identification and Heterologous Expression of the Albucidin Gene Cluster from the Marine Strain Streptomyces Albus Subsp. Chlorinus NRRL B-24108. Microorganisms. 8 (2): 237.
4. Rodríguez Estévez M., Myronovskyi M., Rosenkränzer B., Paululat T., Petzke L., Ristau J., Luzhetskyy A. (2020) Novel Fredericamycin Variant Overproduced by a Streptomycin-resistant Streptomyces albus subsp. chlorinus Strain. Mar Drugs. 18(6): 284.
6. Rebets Y., Nadmid S., Paulus C., Dahlem C., Herrmann J., Hübner H., Rückert C., Kiemer A.K., Gmeiner P., Kalinowski J., Müller R., Luzhetskyy A. (2019) Perquinolines A-C: Unprecedented Bacterial Tetrahydroisoquinolines Involving an Intriguing Biosynthesis. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 58(37): 12930-12934.
7. Myronovskyi M., Luzhetskyy A. (2019) Heterologous production of small molecules in the optimized Streptomyces hosts. Nat Prod Rep. 36(9): 1281-1294.
8. Rodríguez Estévez M., Myronovskyi M., Gummerlich N., Nadmid S., Luzhetskyy A. (2018) Heterologous Expression of the Nybomycin Gene Cluster from the Marine Strain Streptomyces albus subsp. chlorinus NRRL B-24108. Mar Drugs.16(11): E435.
9. Horbal L., Marques F., Nadmid S., Mendes M. V., Luzhetskyy A. (2018) Secondary metabolites overproduction through transcriptional gene cluster refactoring. Metab Eng. 49: 299-315.
10. Myronovskyi M., Rosenkränzer B., Nadmid S., Pujic P., Normand P., Luzhetskyy A. (2018) Generation of a cluster-free Streptomyces albus chassis strains for improved heterologous expression of secondary metabolite clusters. Metab Eng. 49: 316-324.



Course: 9 lectures, 4 seminars

Lectures: Volodymyr Lushchak, Andriy Luzhetskyy

Seminars: Mariia Bailiak, Volodymyr Lushchak