Registration for the course "The life cycle of the research project"

We are pleased to announce registration for the course "Life Cycle of a Research Project", which will begin on April 13, 2023.

The course is designed for undergraduate students specializing in biology. The aim of the course is to explain the main stages of the idea realization, planning and execution of the experimental part of a research project: preparation phase, selection and setting of methods, design and planning of individual experiments, expansion of project to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the obtained biological effects The practical part will include the preparation of a project according to one's own idea, but with invented results that confirm the idea.

The basic skills and abilities necessary for successful research include the use of laboratory equipment, experimental design, preparation of the solutions, selection of the conditions for determination of enzyme activities, keeping the lab notebook as well as preparation of scientific reports and a manuscript.

Some of the practical classes will be held in the form of demonstrations of practical work in the laboratory. Detailed information and the program are available on the course page.

The course consists of 5 lectures and 10 seminars. The total duration is 30 hours - 1 ECTS credit. The course will be conducted in Ukrainian, remotely.

Registration is open and will be possible until April 6. (Registration form).

The number of students is limited to 30.  We would be able to provide 14 scholarships of 200 Euros for students who were strongly affected by the war and need financial support.